I am not going to lie, every once in a while I get terribly tired of photographing people. It is a relief to relax my mind by exploring simple every day life that happens around me. 

So today I decided to obsess over CATS.
 Capture details, expressions and attitudes. 

This is Okra, she was adopted into the Huntsberger family in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She loves to play in the snow, she chews on everything like a dog, she even fetches, she is completely unaware that she is a cat, and she knows how to use the toilet. 

 This is Cosmo, my moms cat. Very two Just kidding a sweet cat just happens to have a line down the middle of it's face making me wonder if it has a spit personality...?

 I don't even know this cats name...I like to call him "freaky kiki" because he hates life. He hisses and throws a fit about everything. He seems pretty miserable and wasn't as pleased as the others to have his pictures taken and published in public.

....I am pissed....

Split personality...?

The Bro's
These two are my grandmas cats and they are hilarious. Clem is the one on top and Chester is on the bottom. Clem has a food obsession and is fat and lazy. Chester can only handle so much of Clem, so he likes to disappear for a few days at a time and get a break. We have no idea where he goes, he even went missing for several months at one point.....but the cat always comes back.

 This is Pepto....Who would name their cat after a substance to relieve upset stomach and diarrhea? Probably the same person who would name their cat after a strange tasting slimy Okra. Anyways despite the name, Pepto is the happiest cat I have ever seen. 

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