My husband and I try to juice everyday and I always like to remind people how good juicing is for you!! This smoothie tend to be one of our favorite, especially when we are in a hurry. Juice about 8 large carrots, add to your blended and throw in some frozen strawberries and frozen bananas. If your bananas aren't frozen just add a handful of ice to make it more of a smoothie. We always add spinach or kale into our smoothie as well, but it doesn't look as pretty as this picture so I posted a pic of one with only carrot, strawberry and banana.

Don't forget to start the day off with a glass of freshly juiced fruits & veggies!!

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  1. We need to get a juicer. We are out of counter space! Looks really good!! I am always off Sunday - Tuesday, but my last day of work is 16th! Then I will have more freedom. :)