I love garage sales for so many reasons. But today I love garage sales because I bought 43 antique jars for 15 bucks! It was a steal. So now I am reorganizing.

lovely stash of Jars

I made chalk board labels. Hobby lobby has the adhesive chalk board paper and I just ran it through my cricut to get cool shapes- but you could always just cut out squares with scissors.

As of March 1 I gave up eating anything with gluten, so here are some of my new flours I am learning to cook with!

David and I were given this when we first got married, its taken us almost 3 years to actually paint it. We got some cheep discounted paint at Walmart, and I am not fond of the shade of green. I will be looking for some cool stencils and jazz this up later, haha.


  1. The jars look amazing! I want to do something like that! What a great deal also!!!!

  2. Thanks Jessie! Ya I was really excited when I found that chalk board paper at hobby lobby, they have dry erase too!

    1. Some day I will get my kitchen pantry organized!!! I will check out that paper. I love your new header. It's so cute! Do they make you work every/all weekend at Plato's? I really want weekends off to go biking and stuff with Cody.