Paw Prints on my Heart

Here is a post dedicated to my Yorkie, Yoshi. 
This is a picture of Yoshi just after I brought him home. David was gone for the weekend in Fresno for his Guard Duty and I went puppy shopping =) This is what I came home with....

Here is a picture of David and I on our four year anniversary with our four legged kids. Yoshi and Okra.

Here is Yoshi's girlfriend. My mom got a mini Aussie named Penny and she is the pretties little dog I have ever seen. Yoshi quickly claimed her.

Yoshi on Fourth of July!

Yoshi with his woman.

Portraits of the little ones.

Family picture at Halloween, Yoshi is tucked in my arm (with his eyes closed) in his Yoshi costume =)

Yoshi at Christmas

Watching TV with about a neck ache.

I have always been obsessed with my pets but having Yoshi has taken it to a new level. I love that little three pound critter. He is FULL of personality and is incredibly smart. I am so glad that Yoshi is in our lives! Anyone who has owned or currently owns a know exactly what I am talking about. These are the best dogs ever.

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