Updates on 2013

I haven't been on this blog in over a year. David has completely remade my photography website so if that's what your looking for you can check it out at http://chelseamarie-photography.com/

Anyways the reason I popped back on this good ol' blog is to start doing some personal blogging. Not with the intention of having followers or comments or any type of attention but just as my own way to jot down my thoughts as life goes by. Life has been going by REALLY fast, maybe if I record some of it it will feel slower? I don't know but it's a start. Okay so updates from this past year....

We moved back to California...and it is SO GOOD to be home!

We lived in a trailer for 6 months...

This was a wonderful test of our marriage. Haha. I don't care how much you love your husband it is a huge trial to live in THIS close of quarters. We survived though and kept ourselves extremely busy the whole time while we were building our house!

We had a tremendous amount of help from some of our family and friends during this time. It's amazing to see people step up and dedicate time, effort, and expenses to help us out! We really feel blessed and couldn't have done it with out the people who truly care about us. We can't thank these people enough for being there when we needed them most! Here are some pictures of us working on the inside. David and I learned how to tile in a weekend from a Youtube video, thank you internet!

Aside from a new house David and I both have new jobs that we love! 

Here is David on his way to his first day of work at IQMS. My dad always made me take a picture right here on our deck every year I started school. So here is David living out the tradition...even with the dogs!

I got a job doing photography at a Tennis Club here in Paso and it is also a gym so I get to enjoy the club with my family!
Here is a picture I took of Paso Robles Sports Club lounge area, one of my favorite places to hang out and there is even an outdoor fireplace under there!

 My family and I enjoying fathers day at the club, I love where I work!

David and I are also pursing a photography business together. We have invested in great equipment and look forward to what 2014 brings! 

I even won a contest this past year! I got first place and $1,000 at Cantina photo contest. The theme of the competion was water music and here is the winning photo! 

 My mom entered a photo as well, here is her photo:

And here is Davids!

We had a great time working on each picture together! My dad gets credits for my photo though because he did get drenched helping me get the guitar out in the ocean. Thanks pops!

Well that's probably enough updates for today...I will try and check in again soon.

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