Homemade Doughnut

This is my first time making donuts, believe me I am no expert. I ended up accidentally deep frying our oven mitt. My husband wanted me to make sure and share that with my blogging friends. I dropped in the boiling pot of oil and it was a disaster. But on to happier thoughts...

The doughnut.

So this was my first attempt, I just rolled up the dough licked the edges and stuck them together, probably not the most sanitary way of doing it but oh well. But the dough didn't cook all the way on the inside, so David pulled out a nifty little doughnut cutter which was especially cool because it meant one wonderful thing. DOUGHNUT HOLES. Which are my favorite.

So we cut up our dough dropped it in the bath of bubbly...and they puffed right up.



1 cup flour
1 t yeast
1/4 t salt
1 t sugar
1/8 t baking soda
oil for frying


Mix together dry ingredients. Slowly add the water to the dry mixture until dough forms. Knead well, then set aside. Cover with a thin damp towel for 1-2 hours.

When your dough has risen. Heat up your oil in a deep pan. Use a doughnut cutter or just roll out your dough into little rounds making sure it's not too thick because it won't cook in the center. Once your oil has heated up drop them in! Careful not to let the oil splash on you, it's not fun. After the dough turns slightly brown on the outside remove the doughnuts and set aside on a cooling rack. Make sure to put paper towels on your rack to soak up the oil.

These doughnut are tasty when they are fresh. I have found that they aren't that good the next day though. So make these when you have a lot of eaters because they are yummy, and will disappear quickly!

Frosting Options:

When they come straight out of the oil you can sprinkle powdered sugar on them or dip them in a bowl of powdered sugar.


If you wanna get really crazy try this:

2 cups powdered sugar
1 T butter
1 t vanilla
2-4 T milk or cream
(I used cream cheese)

Be creative! There are tons of good frosting recipes out there =)

Have fun!

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