Lamp Revamp

Our free lamp (actually we have 2) that David didn't want me to take home because it was "ugly" It took me less than an hour to revamp it into a completely new lamp.

Free Dresser+ left over can of spray paint from dresser + knobs from Hobby Lobby= $7 dresser

Free lamp+ random scraps of lace + left over can of spray paint from dresser+ flower I made from old t-shirt scraps= basically free.
Found antique milk bottles from goodwill and filled them with big gum balls and stuck a long orange candle in it. Antique crochet table runner from goodwill or garage sale...can't remember now. Plus the amazing bird quilt in the background that my wonderful mother made me for Christmas!


  1. Very cute! I love that green dresser!

  2. We would love to come over for dinner sometime! Saturday night would be better, but I don't get home till 6:30pm! I am off on Sundays, Monday and Tuesday. But my last day at my job is March 16th, so we could wait till after then if you want. Just let me know. :)