I have been MIA from the blogging & Facebook world for a bit because we finally MOVED! Yey!! I am so happy to not be right next to the noisy freeway anymore, and we are in our own little blue vintage house. I have been busy as a bee sewing curtains and painting our new free furniture (I love the Airmans Attic) We picked up these two dressers....

David built an extra closet because ours was so small, I am working on sewing curtains to go around it. SIMPLE!

So excited to have our OWN place not connected to anyone in any way. We have a huge backyard and our first garage! Now I am just waiting for it to warm up so I can plant and enjoy our big yard =)

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  1. YAY! I wondered why I hadn't seen any posts from you! I forgot you guys were moving!! Good for you! :) I love painting furniture.